Purpose Bag

A Mum Easily Cleared Out Her Garage After A Garage Sale Thanks To Purpose Bag

By 02/07/2023 January 5th, 2024 No Comments

As a mother of five energetic kids here in Hamilton, I was very excited to host my first ever garage sale and sell off some extra stuff from around the house. We had loads of shoes, blankets, books, toys – you name it!

The garage sale was a big success – we had a great turnout from our local community.

But afterward, I still had quite a few leftovers and assorted junk taking up space in the garage. I really didn’t want to deal with hiring one of those large, cumbersome skip bins.

Then I came across the PurposeBag – a fantastic sturdy reusable sack where I could toss all the remaining garage sale leftovers and other rubbish to clear out the space. It worked brilliantly! It easily handled the random furniture, toys the kids didn’t want any more, leftover construction materials from my partner’s incomplete DIY attempts.

The Purpose Bag was just what I needed to tidy up without the annoyance of an expensive skip rental. I could take my time filling it on my own schedule which was perfect.

So if any busy parents here are looking for a great clutter-busting solution after a garage sale or just to handle household junk, I’d absolutely recommend the PurposeBag. This mum found it to be a lifesaver for getting my garage back in order! Kiwi families should definitely give it a go.

Your mess won’t vanish itself – grab a Purpose Bag and be done with it your whole family will be stoked!