What Placement Problems to Avoid When Hiring a Skip Bin

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“Youse wanna know how to avoid a shemozzle when hiring a skip bin in Hamilton? Listen up, cuz we’ve got the lowdown on what to avoid”

When it comes to getting rid of your rubbish and sorting out your waste, hiring a skip bin is the go-to option. But, if you don’t choose the right spot to put it, you could be in for a bit of a headache. Here are six placement problems to watch out for when you’re getting your skip bin sorted:

  1. Not giving the truck enough room to drop off the bin – make sure the area you choose is accessible for the truck to drop off the bin without any issues.
  2. Not protecting your driveway – if you’ve got a concrete or tarmac driveway, make sure you put down some protective measures before the bin arrives. The weight of a full bin can cause damage if not protected.
  3. Not checking the ground for hazards – have a quick scout around the area you’re thinking of putting the bin and make sure there are no potholes, debris, or uneven ground that could cause issues.
  4. Putting the bin under power lines – this is a no-no, the truck could hit the power lines and cause damage, so make sure the bin is well clear.
  5. Putting the bin too far away from where your waste is – you don’t want to be carting your waste too far, so make sure the bin is close to where the waste is.
  6. Blocking your neighbors – make sure the bin isn’t going to block your neighbors from accessing their own properties. It’s always good to check with them before putting the bin there.

When you have a large amount of waste to remove, skip bin hire can be a fantastic solution.

So, there you have it folks, a few things to keep in mind when getting your skip bin sorted.

A wee bit of planning will go a long way to making sure everything runs smoothly. Give us a call at Purpose Fill and we’ll help you sort out the perfect spot for your bin and avoid any hiccups, ensuring your waste removal efforts go as smoothly as a kangaroo hopping across the Outback.